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Goliath is a giant cupcake that is equal to 22 standard sized cupcakes. We do not sell Goliath for any outside orders or birthdays, we strictly use "him" for our in-house eating challenge. The rules are:
1. The cupcake must remain chocolate, but you can choose the frosting flavor.
2.  You can drink whatever drink you like while you are taking the challenge; milk, soda or water. 
3.  You can stand up to stretch your stomach, but you may not leave our sight.
4. You may not go to the restroom during the challenge. 
5. You will have 30 minutes to eat Goliath; this includes all crumbs and frosting. If you think you can
drop some chunks on the floor to be sneaky, you are mistaken. One contestant found out the 
hard way that even if it's on the floor, it must be eaten to.
6. As soon as you finish the entire cupcake, your 5 minute waiting period will begin. During this time,
you may stand up, but again you may not leave the site of the judge.
7. If at any time during the 30 minutes or 5 minute waiting period, you vomit; you are disqualified.
8. Whatever you "do" with it after the 5 minute waiting period is up, is up to you. :)
9. If you finish the whole cupcake, you will receive a t-shirt that says 
"I conquered Goliath at Kirby's Kupcakes", you will NOT have to pay for Goliath, and you will be
added to our WALL OF FAME.
If you fail to finish it all, you will pay $45, and be put on the WALL OF SHAME.
​Your entry fee needs to be paid in cash; no credit cards or checks. 
24 Hour notice is required for anyone wishing to do the challenge.

Our CHAMPION of champions: Greg Webb from Marionville, Missouri finished Goliath is an AMAZING 3 minutes and 31 seconds!!!
Do YOU have what it takes to conquer
Coming Soon...Pics of our contestants who finished Goliath and made it to the WALL OF FAME!
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