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The Goliath Challenge  NOTE: We are not doing Goliath Challenges during Covid.
At Kirby's we have a food eating challenge that only a true warrior can win. Goliath is ONE giant cupcake, that is equal to 22 of our regular sized cupcakes. The contestant has 30 minutes to eat the entire thing, then a 5 minute waiting period begins to make sure it stays down (gross!!) The giant cupcake flavor has to be chocolate, but the contestant can choose any of our frostings they want. If they finish in the 30 minutes, and it stays down for 5 minutes, they win a shirt, have their picture put on the Wall of Fame, and do not have to pay for Goliath. If they do NOT finish, they have to pay $45 (see note below), and will have to forever live with being on our Wall of Shame. You must be 18 or older to attempt our challenge.  Here's a few more tidbits of info:

*You need to call 24 hours ahead to make an appointment to do the challenge. All days are not guaranteed. If we have a busy day or event planned the day you call, you probably won't be doing Goliath challenge that day. 

*You must bring Cash to pay if you do not finish. The cost is $45. No debit or credit payments will be accepted. 
*You cannot share with anyone during the competition.
*You will need to give your credit card info to reserve your challenge time. If you do not show up, you will be charged $45.

You will be charged $45 regardless if you finish or not. As you are aware, this is not uncommon in the food competition industry. Our competition was designed for everyday people to try something  crazy. You will still get the t-shirt if you finish.